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Let the AerialWayz Consulting team help you leverage the futuristic power of drone technologies. We can plan, design, oversee deployment and manage drone and counter-drone systems that work in harmony with the human elements of your security operations. All our UAV/Pilots are FAA Part 107 or 333 Wavier compliant. We carry full UAV/Drone commercial insurance up to $5 million.

Our team consists of former military, law enforcement and security consultants with more than 50 years of combined experience in these industries, including Nuclear Security Team and advanced survey teams, as well as many years as UAV/Drone pilots, to ensure you have the best service available. We have extensive experience and knowledge of aircraft, vehicle & building security survey’s and private estate security and surveillance management. 

Certifications include:      

•    Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Practitioner. 
•    (CPTED) Crime Prevention Specialist. (CPS).

Certifications were issued through the National Crime Prevention Institute and Southern Police Institute at the University of Louisville. Programs where conducted at the Tempe Police Dept. Arizona.

We have been granted the following FAA Waivers:

•    FAA Part 107.29 Night Flight Operations.
•    FAA Part 107.35 Multi-Drone Operations.
•    FAA Part 107.39(b) Flying Over People and Moving Vehicles.

AerialWayz is an Aerial Partner of:

A nationwide network of independent investigators and consultants comprised exclusively of former FBI Special Agents.  

Constituent Member of:

Overseas Security Advisory Council - OSAC

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We are an approved supporter of:

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