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We offer a complete "360˚ As a Service"

The AerialWayz360 executive team has more than 50 years of combined experience in the military, federal & local law enforcement and industrial security industry as well as many years as UAV/Drone pilots, FAA Fixed Wing and Helicopter pilots, to ensure you have the best service available. 

We offer a “Drones-on-Demand as a Service” platform. We have several licensed & certified FAA Part 107 Pilots (UAV) with over 6 years’ experience in flying UAV’s. We developed the RFID Backpack for drones as well as an application for indoor SLAM Mapping (simultaneous localization and mapping) for warehouse drones using smart sensors, as well as integrating drones with CCTV/alarm systems via smart sensors. 


AerialWayz holds a number of FAA waivers including:

  • FAA Part 107.29 Night Flight Operations.

  • FAA Part 107.39(b) Flying Over People & Moving Vehicles.

  • FAA Part 107.35 Multi-Drone Operations by a Single Operator. 


AerialWayz Holdings, Inc., offers a number of brands below:


TeeOff 360   Aerial Platform for Golf Courses and Clubhouses.

Real Estate360   Aerial Photography and Indoor Matterport Platforms.

Golf Gage   Universal Golf Course Management Platform.

Aerial Security Support Services:

Certified Drone Security.

Community Aerial Security.

Hurricane Post Disaster Relief Aerial Support.




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