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AerialWayz DaaS Logo 7.png

AerialWayz™  is changing the way Security & Safety Checks are done.

Drones are perfectly suited for the Security Industry. They can be programmed to autonomously patrol small and large facilities as well as reacting to an intruder alert, all under the supervision of the security team. Just think, an alert is triggered via the alarm or CCTV system, security activates the drone and it flies semi-autonomously directly to the incident zone within a pre-programmed Geo-fenced site. All the video & data can be seen in real-time from anywhere via the internet by authorized users.

Add an instant way-point within minutes using an iPad. This can be moved  by the Remote PIC on the ground or via the main security control room.

  • Integrate current CCTV/alarm system to the drone system - In the event of an alert, the drone can semi-autonomously fly to the threat zone.

  • Input ground and floor plans on to the platform.

  • Input a semi-autonomously patrol area.

  • input multiple Geo-fence routes.

  • Equip drones with FLIR and strobe lights.

  • Install & track advanced intrusion detection system.

  • Integrate intrusion detection system onto the platform for live alerts.

  • All data can be sent to the CloudTrac™ server.

  • All video data can be also recorded in the security vehicles.   

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