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Digitize Your Golf Course Maintenance.

Capture course conditions while on the course using a mobile app or identify issues on drone maps. Manage golf course maintenance teams, and track issues, machinery & club house assets. Data is projected onto drone, satellite, and CAD maps. Manage your golf course efficiently with GolfGage!


Why GolfGage matters:


Golf course maintenance is changing rapidly with the emergence of mobile devices, sensors and cost-effective drones and mapping tools. GolfGage will help you take advantage of these technologies to monitor the condition of your course, clubhouse and machinery. GolfGage facilitates sharing & updating work records with your team. In times when water consumption and efficiencies become increasingly relevant it is imperative to identify, track and solve issues as early and with as much information as possible. 


What does the Mobile Maintenance App do?


Our Golf Maintenance App allows to record & monitor course relevant issues, assign maintenance tasks to team members and track their work progress. Issues can be recorded with the App while walking the course or through a map based interface using satellite, drone and CAD maps. GolfGage can also read and display IoT sensor data via its API. Your team will update you on their work progress and provide images to keep you in the loop. With GolfGage you always have a complete overview on the current condition of your course.


Why do we still need to visually inspect a Golf Course?

Golf Clubs, Parks and Resort facilities face hundreds of small issues around their course or property. Tracking these can never be achieved entirely from the air. That is why GolfGage is build around the concept of ground truthing where information gained from aerial maps is supplemented with detailed case records as seen from the ground. GolfGage has designed a Geospatial FieldApp that allows you to track all issues and records related to maintenance in a simply beautiful app. If you already use WhatsApp to share course observations then you’ll love GolfGage!


Do we need to know how to operate a drone?

No, GolfGage works perfectly without drones and it comes with it’s own google-like set of satellite and street maps by default. Every club usually has some mapping materials such as aerial maps, satellite maps, CAD drawings highlighting different systems installed (irrigation & drainage network). GolfGage will make it easy to add these to your workflow. And if you are using drones to map out and monitor your course you can import these as well to visualize & monitor course observations and compare maps to spot changes over time.

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Overlay your mobile golf course data on satellite maps, drone acquired maps, turf health maps (NDVI) or even building & surveyor plans (CAD drawings) to better understand the context in which your data was collected. For example, overlay irrigation and drainage plans over your drone maps to make informed decisions while inspecting the course. GolfGage includes a full fledged map system that can process drone acquired data as orthomosaic, elevation and NDVI maps. GolfGage also includes a geo-referencing module to anchor CAD drawings such as floorplans on top of drone and satellite maps.


Track the condition of your machinery with GolfGage. Maintenance staff can highlight machinery issues to the course mechanics. The mechanics can mark machinery as ‘being repaired’ and inform the maintenance staff when the equipment is expected to be available again. This is important to plan future course maintenance tasks. Track spare parts needed and forward detailed reports to external contractors or equipment manufacturers for repairs.

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Does your golf course use weather stations, irrigation control systems or soil moisture sensors? GolfGage comes with an API and upon request we can import any sensor data and add it as a separate layer on top of your drone maps and mobile acquired course data. GolfGage is also fully compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy beacons such as Eddystone beacons that are increasingly used for weather stations or soil moisture sensors. View all your golf course sensor data right in our GolfGage geospatial portal.

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