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Welcome to AerialWayz Holdings, Inc.  -  A Unique Drone Consultancy and Training Group. 

Drones are Changing the Front Line of Security:

Let the AerialWayz Consulting team help you leverage the futuristic power of drone technologies. We can plan, design, oversee deployment and manage drone and counter-drone systems that work in harmony with the human elements of your security operations.


AerialWayz offers a Complete Security Drone Platform & FAA Compliance Program for Security Companies.

Security companies are starting to look into the possible use of drones to add to their services. As the security industry is heavily regulated by licensing and certifications, the same will be required for using drones in commercial security operations. If your considering the use of security drone technology for your outside facility, you're confronting a confusing array of FAA waiver regulations, certified UAV pilot training, and obtaining the correct equipment for the project. ​We can assist with online and on-site drone flight training, all types of required FAA Waivers, NOTAMS, LAANC (Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability), as well as Drone Operations & Risk Mitigation Manuals customized to the security company requirements. ​We can also help assess risk, protect remote assets, strengthen perimeter protection and more.

Security Planning & Design Services:

Our planning begins with identifying where the client's security gaps exist, then determining if unmanned drone technology can help. We can assess the client's current facility or security programs in light of standards and guidelines, and FAA regulatory requirements. Once this is done, we can compile a detailed aerial security plan, training format and assist with the required FAA waivers.

Introducing the Ground Station Mapping Platform.

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  • Integrate current CCTV/alarm system to the drone system - In the event of an alert, the drone can semi-autonomously fly to the threat zone.

  • Input ground and floor plans on to the platform.

  • Input a semi-autonomously patrol area.

  • Input multiple Geo-fence routes.

  • Equip drones with FLIR and strobe lights.

  • Install & track advanced intrusion detection system.

  • Integrate intrusion detection system onto the platform for live alerts.

  • All data can be sent to the CloudTrac server.

  • All video data can be also recorded in the security vehicles.   

Drones are perfectly suited for the Security Industry. They can be programmed to autonomously patrol small and large facilities as well as reacting to an intruder alert, all under the supervision of the security team. Just think, an alert is triggered via the alarm or CCTV system, security activates the drone and it flies semi-autonomously directly to the incident zone within a pre-programmed Geo-fenced site. All the video & data can be seen in real-time from anywhere via the internet by authorized users.


  • Fly manually, create autonomous plans, or both.


  • See pertinent telemetry in a clear display.


  • Consume, view, and record multiple types of video, including thermal.


  • Ensure compliance with customizable, integrated checklists.


  • View elevations in AGL, MSL and Height Above Terrain (HAT).


  • Collaborate in real time via a Common Operating Picture.


  • Communicate with operations command and other drone pilots on scene.

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