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Construction Site Mapping


An aerial map of a site can be helpful, but sometimes you need guidelines to understand what you’re looking at  -  just imagine trying to follow directions using a map with no street names.

Now, with our new overlay tool, it’s easy to import and overlay data layers right within the DroneDeploy interface   letting us quickly compare actual site conditions to other spatial information like design plans and utility maps.

Construction isn’t the only industry that can benefit from overlaying additional data on a map. Anyone can use the overlay tool to add more visual data to a map, from growers comparing current crop health and historical yield data to fire chiefs superimposing protection systems and operating procedures to create pre-incident plans.

Providing a turnkey solution for your construction company.

No guess work – The Proof is in The Data

Avoid Missing Deadlines:

Using our software, you can tell what’s on time, behind schedule, or ahead of schedule. You can keep an eye on jobsite changes that impact logistics, i.e. points of entry, road closures, services needed, and how to maneuver equipment.

Workforce and Supply Tracking

Reduce jobsite downtime and increase safety. One of the largest logistical and safety issues on a jobsite is personnel. Make sure the correct crew is in the correct area at the correct time with our Smart Sensor “Nearables” & RFID tagging.

Coordinate supply stockpiles with your workforce.                      

No guess work – The Proof is in The Data

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