Drone Ground Control Station

The Drone Ground Control Station currently supports:


DJI: Phantom 4 / 4 Pro, Phantom 3 and Phantom 2, Inspire 2, Inspire 1 / 1 Pro / Raw, Mavic Pro, A3, N3, Matrice 600 / 600 Pro, Matrice 100, A2, Naza-M v2, WooKong-M, Vision2+, Ace One; Ardupilot, Px4 and other MAVLink compatible; InnoFlight: Jupiter JM-1; Mikrokopter; Micropilot; Microdrones; Lockheed Martin: Kestrel, Indago.

Taking pictures & videos from windows that do not yet exist:

Another way to use the platform is for taking pictures from windows that do not yet exist. The view from windows is very important to people considering buying apartments. To get buyers on-board in time, drones can be used to take pictures at the exact places and orientations where windows of apartments will be.

Photogrammetry Missions:

Our platform is the best software to plan and fly drone survey missions, it supports almost any UAV platform, providing convenient tools for areal and linear surveys and enabling direct drone control. UgCS enables professional land survey mission planning using photogrammetry technique.

 Immersive 3D mission planning environment: 

The platform features mission planner with a Google Earth-like 3D interface for mission planning for drones. This allows you to navigate the environment around you more easily. Moreover, a 3D mission planning environment gives you more control by allowing you to view the created flight plan from all angles, taking into account any obstacles such as terrain or buildings.

High resolution photo/video of power lines and inspecting the foundations of power line towers:

Allows planning longer routes which, in turn, allows covering a larger distance of power lines. Larger mission can be interrupted to change the battery or do other adjustments and can be restarted from place of interruption. Furthermore, UgCS allows triggering the camera only when required, thus reducing the total number of images and the time needed for data analysis.

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