Drones Integrating

with CCTV.

Integrating Your Drones with CCTV Systems:

With over 30 years of military, law enforcement & security industry experience, we can give your company a major advantage with regards to time management on getting the CCTV location footage, site mapping for both indoors and outdoors as well as locating vulnerable areas in and around your buildings.

Using a professional drone to support your CCTV security project is a new and smart move. In the coming years this will be a game changer for this industry. Some of the main benefits are:

  • Using a small drone to scan the correct location of CCTV camera placements both outside and outside the building no matter how high the building is makes this part of the security survey much more effective and less time consuming. A real-time live view can be transmitted to multiple locations.

  • Having the ability to scan the Smart AerialTag and integrate CCTV systems into one patrol check will be a game changer regarding safety,   time-management, incident response etc. Some other great benefits of this platform is the Beacon Fleet Management. It’s vital for deployments with many beacons, where it would be too time consuming to configure each beacon individually and the ability to form a Mesh Network.

We are changing the game by offering the ability to integrate CCTV cameras with a drone platform with data sent directly to the cloud, as well as remote operators being able to control the drone via the internet in a number of different locations from thousands of miles away.


In the USA and most other countries and to comply with FAA regulations the ability to remotely operate the drone must be done in cooperation with a licensed "Pilot in Command" (PIC) on the ground at the location of the drone operation and who has a "Visual Line of Sight" (VLOS) of the drone and who has the ability to take over the controls of the drone in case of an emergency or loss of any type of connection. We are not here to sugar coat things such as offer remote drones flying by themselves to monitor sites or homes while your away day or night etc, it's federal law and our goal is keep your business in complete compliance with the FAA. 

If your company needs UAV/Drone flight training or FAA part 107 training, we offer full services.

If you or your company would like to know more on how to set up a security survey or demo, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 john@aerialwayz.com | Tel: (407) 236-6275 

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