The critical stage of any protection detail is the advance, which includes the route survey.

The main objective of Advanced Security is to plan to ensure safety when travelling. Whether it is to different countries or regions, venues or places the Advanced Security specialist will be diligent in their approach and endeavor to assist Clients so they arrive at their destination with complete confidence and be stress free.

We remember back in the 80’s and early 90’s most security details that conducted an advance, used the old paper maps, note books and of course handheld cameras (that were not attached to the cell phone in them days). The amount of work that went into the advance and route survey was endless. Then came the in-vehicle GPS.

Now with the availability of drones, the advance and route survey as well as the estate security has been a game changer. Now with the use of a drone and qualified drone operator a full-scale overhead video of private estates, hotels/resorts etc., can be viewed live and in real-time over wifi or cellular connection. Real-time route surveys can be completed with issues such as construction, other choke points and secondary routes. Important note, there are locations such as airports and State Parks that are restricted no-fly zones.

A perfect live and real-time tool for security advance and surveys.

A flyover can be conducted within minutes, downloaded and a detailed overlay can be placed on the platform for pre & post briefings. Additional info such as choke points, 2nd & 3rd routes, check points etc., can be added to the overlay. | Tel: (407) 236-6275 

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