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Remote Pilot Sectional Charts:

Reading aeronautical charts can be straightforward if you understand what to look for, and have patience. An aeronautical chart is the road map for a UAV/Drone pilot flying under Visual Flight Rules (VFR). The chart provides information that allows pilots to track their position and provides available information that enhances safety.

This is also so important for the potential client. You should know that the company conducting the aerial video is flying in legal airspace and if a waiver is needed from the FAA. The last thing you need is the FAA contacting you requesting details of your aerial video.

Our company will always adhere to all FAA rules and regulations to keep our client’s safe. We can file all needed waivers at no extra cost to the client.

A Very good example of a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) showing no flights in the red circle area for the next 3 hours on that day because of a Baseball game at the arena even though a small part of the area is outside of Class E airspace.

Absolutely No Chance of flights within the area of Walt Disney World, Florida. Although it's a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) it's been in force for years and it will be so for a lot longer. 

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