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A "WhatsApp-like"

collaboration platform.

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Compatible with Drone

and Aerial Maps.

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Powerful CAD, GIS

and IoT tools.

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Prepare your business

for Machine Learning.

Send in the drones: Solving inspection and repair challenges while in dry docks.




A whole new way of managing field observations,

inspections and general fieldwork operations for all types of large boats and yachts. 

MarineGage comes with powerful prioritization, status and scheduling options to organize your workflows and program tasks for your operators. It is easily customizable to your use cases and workflows.

Collect records in the field, schedule work plans, dispatch team members to a specific case or location and receive  near-instant feedback through our mobile solution. This ensures that you can close the loop on cases and issues and manage teams and assets with the right set of data and confidence.

The use of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is currently a hot topic for the maritime industry. As technology has evolved, the extent of applications for drones has expanded into numerous fields. A key advantage of using drones is making inspections safer. Surveying mast's and other high areas on board ships can be a risky enterprise. Our drones are able to carry out survey tasks quickly and efficiency, preventing expensive and time-consuming workarounds for surveyors.

Mast Inspection:


Whether marketing a vessel, inspecting those hard to reach masts heads or planning marine construction works, Drone Focus can get the images you need in the notoriously difficult-to-cover maritime environments.

Benefits include:

  • Much lower operating cost.

  • Capable of flying closer vessels and equipment.

  • Fewer airspace restrictions - flights can be made while in the harbor or out at sea.

  • Digital record of inspections targeting even the smallest area's.

  • Lower environmental impact - both noise and emissions are greatly reduced.

  • Keeping your personnel out of harms way.

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