AerialWayz™  is changing the way Security Checks are done.

Drones are perfectly suited for the Security Industry. There are many reasons why aerial security is poised to fundamentally transform the physical security industry. This powerful, new technology offers tangible, immediate benefits for corporate physical security operations, and it is here to stay.

The AerialWayz™ platform can be integrated into an existing CCTV system, security system and alarm panels, This provides an unprecedented level of situational awareness – an invaluable asset when confronting a potential threat.

•   The security officer arrives on-site, the Bluetooth       tag activates the Drone.

•   Security takes the drone from the patrol vehicle.

•   Activates the drone and it fly’s autonomously             within the pre-programmed Geo-fenced site.

•   The drone tags selected high value items on-site       confirming they are on location.

•   If a building alarm has been activated, the drone       will fly to the incident location and send a live           video stream of a situation to the whole security       staff. This provides an unprecedented level of           situational awareness – an invaluable asset when       confronting a potential threat.

•   All the data can be seen in real-time from                 anywhere via the internet by authorized users.

•   Once the patrol has completed checks and leaves       the site, the drone software locks-down the               drone until arrival at the next site.

•   The drone can also integrate will all the CCTV           cameras and alarm system within each site.             Making each site a unique flight map within the         software  

Offering a Complete One-Stop-Shop

For any Security Site Operation:

•   The AerialTag solution allows to easily             search & track options for machinery,                 trailers, roll-cages, vehicles and other               equipment within multiple job sites, view             their real-time and historical location, and           create custom reports. 

•   Improve productivity by minimizing downtime       due to missing or lost equipment.

•   Have total visibility for your clients entire           asset inventory at all times.

•   Trace the movements and location of RFID-         tagged assets in the event of an emergency.

•   We offer a number of different applications         such as RFID, Smart Sensor Beacons etc.

•   Comply with industry regulations through a         complete asset audit trail.

•   Receive instant notification of any security           violations. | Tel: (407) 236-6275 

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