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Using Drones For Golf Course Maintenance:

Even the smallest golf course can afford a drone and use one regularly to film across the 4 seasons. Playing golf in the fall is an awesome feeling.  Also, new videos can be produced each year to show how a golf course is maturing.

Interactive Hole By Hole Aerial Video:  A virtual tour can help in promoting a golf course. It can also assist with retention of memberships by assisting existing members to improve their game by understanding the golf course better.

Being able to study each hole using interactive golf videos will help improve a players game. It will allow them to read each hole and make better club selection. This will ultimately bring down their golf handicap.  Which is what every golfer wants.

The most scenic of golf courses will have a wide variety of flowers, fauna, shrubs and trees.  The health of these plants and vegetation is very important to the beauty of the course. Being able to prevent pest infestation and disease is vital to the health of a golf course.

Early morning golf course flyovers will allow maintenance teams to survey and evaluate all aspects of the golf course and get a full picture quickly before the golf course opens for play.

This allows maintenance teams to respond quickly if their are any aspects around the course which require urgent attention.

Here are just some of the benefits from using drone aerial videos by Golf Course Green Keepers and Maintenance Teams:

  • Quick overview from a height of the golf course to see if there is anything major problems.

  • Survey for damaged trees, fencing and buildings after strong winds.

  • Check fairways and greens especially after heavy rain to see if the course is now playable. Send maintenance personnel directly to where issue are.

  • Monitor the golf course to see if there is any unusual activity or illegal playing.


Drone technology can identify problems unseen by the naked eye. Using Multispectral Imagery, agronomists can monitor plant health, stress, compaction, and growth by the chlorophyll level of each plant. This feature is also useful for damage assessment after weather events - whether it be checking for brown spots during a drought or determining if a course is still playable due to pooling water.


Even without enabling this feature, drone technology makes it easy to quickly check for damaged trees, fences, or buildings. Photogrammetry further benefits golf agronomists by providing a tool to plan expansion projects or renovations.


Quickly identifying and removing potential threats is imperative for golf course success and sustainability. It is estimated that 25 - 35% of total golf club revenue goes to maintenance costs. Employing drone technology can not only reduce these expenses, but save time and resources on fixes.

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