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Mobile Data Collection for Golf Course Superintendents & Golf Course Maintenance Teams.

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TeeOff Live takes disease and water management to new heights with an agronomic-focused drone program.

Platform Features:

Golf courses are beautiful. However, it is not always easy to show the overall beauty of a golf course using just ground videos. TeeOff.live can now help the Golf Course Marketing team easily capture the immense beauty of the golf course, its clubhouse and the surrounding countryside to really promote and increase memberships. 

Golf Course Maintenance Teams:


Here are just some of the benefits from using drone aerial videos by Golf Course Green Keepers and Maintenance Teams:

Quick overview from a height of the golf course to see if there is any major problems.

  • Survey for damaged trees, fencing and buildings after strong winds.

  • Check fairways and greens especially after heavy rain to see if the course is now playable. Send maintenance personnel directly to where issue are located.

  • Monitor the golf course to see if there is any unusual activity or illegal playing.

A daily flyover will show the progress of landscaping, the development of water sources, surveying the build of the clubhouse and parking etc. When the seeding takes place, it will also be very easy to view the golf course and check for patches in the seeding.