AerialWayz has partnered with Aquarobotman - The Underwater Drone Company

AerialWayz can now offer data from the air and under water:


1. High Resolution 4K Lens. Supports up to 120fps video shooting and 16 megapixel photography. 
2. QAS-Balance System. Four thrusters design and  independently developed control system allow Nemo to travel underwater with great stability.
3. Detachable Battery Design. The Nemo battery and Wi-Fi Base Station battery can be replaced when they run out of power.
4. Multiple Experience Methods. Multiple easy operating methods are available including using APP and VR google. Under VR mode, controller can be used simultaneously with VR google. The drone will move in sync with the head movements to bring users a realistic experience. | Tel: (407) 236-6275 

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