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Warehouse RFID

UAV AI Indoor Mapping Engine & RFID Tagging:

Developing a unique Indoor Mapping platform which integrates photo and video tagging with RFID & Smart Sensor scanning.

Just imagine a world where indoor maps are created and updated automatically without walking up and down inside large warehouses and construction buildings taking measurements all done by a drone platform by using a combination of Sensor Fusion and SLAM.

AerialWaze is currently developing UAV SLAM Mapping (simultaneous localization and mapping) by using drone platforms. To look at the future, it is necessary to have a quick look at the past and present of indoor mapping.


The past is easy - it didn't exist, at least not in a form that would be compatible with modern technology, our vision of that is AerialWaze.

UAV AI technology enables the drone to understand and map its surroundings in 3D and to localize itself in environments with multiple barriers and where GPS signals are not available.

Until recently, using the old system of manual fingerprinting, it was necessary to record data for

at least 15 seconds every few meters throughout a floor plan.

Also take into consideration the time needed for walking between all the points and manually starting the measurements. Now extrapolate that effort over a building of 50,000+ sq. ft., and you have some very long days of recording ahead of you. To make things worse, as the radio environment will inevitably change over time (due to moved Beacons, new windows, tables etc.), this must be repeated regularly. | Tel: (407) 236-6275 

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